The Occupy Mars Band


The Occupy Mars Band is working on the visual jazz opera called, “The Occupy Mars Learning Adventure.”   This is third visual jazz opera written and directed by Bob Barboza with Jon Hartmann.   We have a very special band that features a series of guest soloists.  This photo was taken by David Cota at the Long Beach VA Hospital Blind Center Auditorium.  Welcome to our photo essay.

From left to right: Jane Barboza, Native American Flute, Jon Hartmann, Piano, Trevor Lawrence, alto and tenor sax, Pop Star Masumi, Piano, Bob Barboza, electric bass & drums, Barak, high school alto sax soloists, Ivor Dawson, spoken word, Mike Vlatkovich, trombone, Walter Martinez, percussion & sound effects.

Occupy Mars Band 2017.pngMasumi Solo With Piano.pngTreavor & Masumi 2017.png